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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
What I do is find out who the lawyers that cover LE for the FOP insurance and keep one on retainer. Yeah, it may cost me more if I ever have to shoot someone, but I have enough faith in my ability to not do something stupid and the good sense of my fellow redneck jurors.
As I've said the local DA is a friend of the family. I almost want to ask him...which lawyers do you really hate going up against for SD/Lethal force cases.

But again, there's not been ANYONE prosecuted for the issue in a LONG time around here. Everyone's puckered for the first day or two while they investigate but usually it's fairly obvious if it was a drug deal gone bad or a forcible felony against John Q CCWer that called for lethal force.

Something else that is good that the media should be applauded for is that they do NOT publish the shooter's name. Good! Less retaliation the person has to worry about. I know personally, I want the POS's name, their address and then I'll know exactly who to worry about and where to....tell the cops to go...should I have any trouble in the future.

I don't want random scum from a related set or family taking it personally. From what I know about the gangs I work with it would end VERY badly for them if they pulled that with CCWers around these parts.

There used to be a member here... RoadRep that was involved in a SD shoot and had to actually move to get away from the repeated attempts to kill him after the initial one because the gang took it personally. But his account was erased and the mods are VERY hush hush about keeping it that way.

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