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Originally Posted by D3S3RT_P3NGU1N View Post
No problem, getting started in long range shooting can be difficult. I would like to mention though that a .50 isn't the ideal way to begin your long range education, it can make for an expensive learning curve. It may be worth your while picking up a decent but affordable .308 first or even to go with the .50 to allow you to learn a little cheaper. You could pick up a 700 AAC-SD for maybe $650 and shoot 175gr SMK FGMM for less than $20 a box, which would easily take you out to 1000 yards. You could even share optics with the .50 if you didn't want to buy a second scope.

Optically the Zeiss is absolutely top notch, no question about that. My biggest problem with it is the pretty limited adjustment range. That really limits you if you're looking to really reach out there in terms of range, which is obviously one of the main reasons to own a .50. Even if you're not looking to do that yourself, if you're trying to keep resale value in mind, future buyers will very likely be looking at that, which could hinder your sale. What you need to find out before you even consider it though is exactly what reticle and what knobs the scope has. You want a mil reticle with mil knobs or an moa reticle with moa knobs. I generally prefer mils, they're just easier to use, but either will work as long as they match. If you get a scope with knobs that don't match the reticle it'll be a PITA to use and very difficult to sell. If they don't match I wouldn't touch the thing

If you go the NF route the 8-32x56mm NXS will give you some more adjustment and higher top end magnification. The 5.5-22x56mm will give you similar top end magnification to the Zeiss but will give you double the adjustment range, which for ELR shooting is absolutely huge. Between the two I would go with the 5.5-22x56mm NXS. I like having extra magnification, but when you're really looking to reach out there you need adjustment. They're also easy to sell should you ever want to do that.

Thanks for the response, how is the best way to tell if the scope is mill/ mill or moa/ moa will it be posted on the scope.

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