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Originally Posted by big_gun_man View Post
Thanks for the response, how is the best way to tell if the scope is mill/ mill or moa/ moa will it be posted on the scope.

You just need to look at the turrets and the reticle.

The turrets should say something along the lines of the following

For mil turrets: .1 mil, .1 mrad, 1 cm at 100 meters, 0.5cm at 100 meters etc. Basically if they say anything about mils, mrads or cm you're dealing with mils.

For moa turrets: .25 moa, 0.125 moa, 1/4" at 100 yards, 1/3" at 100 yards. If you see anything about inches or moa you're dealing with moa

For reticles you need to identify the one in the scope.

It will more than likely be one of the following

Reticle 43(Zeiss mil dot reticle)

General Firearms Forum

Rapid-Z series


General Firearms Forum

RZ Varminter

General Firearms Forum

If you come across something different or if you're not sure what you've got just take some pics of the reticle and turrets and I'll do my best to help you ID what you're dealing with

Ideally though you're looking for mil turrets with the mil dot reticle 43. Keep in mind though that it is an SFP (second focal plane) scope, which means the reticle will not grow and shrink as you move around the magnification range, so the reticle will only be accurate at a single power setting.
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