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Glock 20 Suppressor

Our property is having hog problems and it's getting worse.
When I hunt them with my un-suppressed Glock 20 the hogs scatter after the first few shots and don't come back for at least 1.5 hours.

I would like to build a hog-hunting Glock 20.
My plan is to build it in the following way:
1. 6 inch barrel (from Lone Wolf maybe)
2. Red dot sights
3. Suppressor built for a 10mm
4. 10 mm subsonic ammo

My problems are:
1. finding a 10mm barrel- haven't really found 10mm, 40 cal mostly
2. figuring what loads are really subsonic- is there a formula?

I would greatly appreciate any help. The more I research it the more confusing it gets.
Also, would a 40 cal Glock 23 be a good alternative? We already have one. I need real stopping power, though.
And I with to stay with Glocks.

Thanks, tripp2953
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