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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
I wanted a DeGroat Nano in the worst way when it came out... not sure if I read bad reviews or what but my interest died down a bit. Still, a multi-caliber can that was effective would be awesome!! Usually the best results are had with cans made for a specific caliber and sometimes specific gun.

My Gem-Tech is nice but I HATE the fact that I can't take it apart to clean. In a few years I'll probably bite the bullet and have it converted to one I can take apart. I know a company or two offers the upgrade since only the outer tube is actually registered.

With most things, silencers are about trade offs.
1. $$$
2. how quiet
3. use with more than one cartridge.
4. maintenance

Based on what I have read....
1. $$$=ok
2. how quiet=ok, but there are better
3. use with more than one cartridge.= pretty good.
4. maintenance=not good for an all day range session, but great for one box of 22LR and then a box of 9mm.
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