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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
I've been confused through this whole thread. WTF is the purpose of using the wrong primer and ruining the breach face?
Originally Posted by ColoCG View Post
I whole heartedly agree with you. It doesn't seem worth it. Or make sense!
It's the SPPM that did most of the breech face cutting and I think now that these (red box CCI primers) have a cup hardness more like rifle primers. The SRP and SRPM use is very low volume by comparison and something I was just more curious about in 9mm. That's part of the hobby part in reloading. And, I just clarified that in my OP.

Many reloaders state SPPM (and also SRP and SRPM) run in 9mm. They do. What I've found conclusively, at least to myself, is that it's not the brass (e.g. stretched pocket) and not over-pressure, it's primer hardness and under-pressure. So, aside from being more prone to light primer strikes, hard primers may cut your breech face (but, maybe just with weaker loads?). That might be useful information to some reloaders. I'm sharing this to share my experience with other reloaders who may consider using SPPM (or SRP/SPRM), because, well, I think sharing information is something reloaders should do.

Also, there was a small primer shortage a while back you may have missed and reloaders were running what they could get. A cheap gun (like a Glock) you actually shoot often, over time, is much, much more expensive to feed than purchase.

Originally Posted by dkf View Post
Apparently trying to save money. Don't see the point when you can get Wolf pistol primers for around $16 per 1k. Kinda seems pennywise and pound foolish to me but whatever.
Originally Posted by justinsaneok View Post
Well how much are slides? If he has enough primers it might be worth it.
How quickly some forget when primers were short and ran up to $40/k (or more). I was getting bulk SPPM for $10-$20/k in FTF deals. Run >10k a year in those days and do the math. I have, and already saved enough to buy this gun again. The math is different for low vs. high volume shooters. And, different if you ignore the past.
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