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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
The use of small pistol magnum primers would not pit your breach face. I don't know what's going on with that gun/ammo, but it is not caused by using magnum pistol primers.
Well, I can tell you the SPPM caused breech face pitting with >15k in a G19 and >5k in this G17 with mostly loads on the lower-mid end of data. Take my word for it or not. I thought it was an issue with mixed brass (I did not want to sort) and since I never cared before I never thought more of it. What I think the deal is in using SPPM is that loads were not being pushed fast enough. So, now I'm curious and I'm now pushing all FMJ loads to 1150+ fps to test that theory. Running lower volume hotter loads (e.g. to match defensive loads) and much higher volume weak-mid loads (e.g. to make min. PF) could have made it hard to tell, not that I was really giving much mind to the breech face pitting anyway since I knew the loads were safe.

Originally Posted by dkf View Post
Thats why when shooting 10k rounds per year its a good idea to stockpile primers and get them while they are cheap. Apparently you were one of the ones that forgot.
You know, there are other calibers than 9mm. Pre-runup, I reloaded more .45acp, meaning I had lots of LPP. Cute comment though, and both amazingly helpful and incredibly constructive. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ColoCG View Post
I seem to have heard about that shortage, but since I had already gone through a primer shortage 15+ years before that, I was well prepared for the last one. ...
If 9mm used the same primer as .45acp I'd have been set. It didn't at the time, so I had enough LPP, but not SPP. But, I never though much of using SPPM (which I got cheap in those days) and I never cared about the breech face pitting thinking it was due to using mixed brass (I did not care to sort). Now, with more and more SPP .45acp showing up using the same primer is possible. Needless to say I'm set now regardless. And, I think bumping all loads could solve the problem anyway. We'll see.
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