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Originally Posted by Kempo View Post
I'm on my second Asian wife. First marriage lasted 18 years. She didn't really get Americanized, she was just a liar, a cheat, and couldn't understand why I couldn't put up with her habitual shoplifting.

Been married to my current wife for 13 years in May, and I hit the jackpot with her. She's quite a bit younger than me, but we haven't had any problems due to that. Honest to a fault, and takes good care of me. She is Americanized to the degree she needs to be to get along here, but still holds her original values about marriage and family.
thats what ive found also.

ive lived in different regions of this country and have been involved and know various socio-economical levels....

ive found that as a whole, the more financially secure people are the less cheating there is. poor white trash and project dwellers are notorious for cheating. i see it everyday and know many personally. the more affluent folks have some cheats but its not as often. more to lose financially, and losing face is a big deal too, public image means something when your name means something.

what i have found is the women who are just off the boat so to speak are very honorable. asian and latina are incredibly faithfull.

now, i do know one or two white trash women who are faithfull to their current husbands, until number 3 or 4 comes along with a newer pickup truck or motorcycle....
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