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I've used Aluma-Hyde on many weapons for many years. If your surface prep is perfect and you follow the directions to a "T" it's a fine finish.

Using clean spray nozzles is important as is spraying at the right temp (65 deg. minimum). All the rattle can protocol has to be followed with regard to constant shaking. I generally warm the can for a few minutes in hot water. Just run hot water from a faucet into a sauce pan. Do not boil as you'll have a world class mess when the can lets go (don't ask me how I know this).

The main drawback is the slow cure time and the need to
get all your coats on in about 30 minutes or the stuff will remain soft for months.

The Coyote Brown is a pretty good match for Magpul F.D.E.
The Olive Drab is a little light but looks great as a frame color with a stainless or hard chrome upper.
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