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G21 vs G17 for Home Defense in regards to SOUNDWAVES

Alright guys, I understand the pro's and con's to many of the popular handgun cartridges for home defense use. However, what I don't understand is how the calibers compare in regards to sound in a home defense environment.

What I mean by that is, I have a G21 and a G17 and I prefer the 17 for home defense for 2 reasons. First being it's capacity, second being it isn't nearly as loud as a .45.

I have read many posts where people are considering a .45 Glock for their home defense needs. Yet I never read that one of their concerns is that of how loud the gun is once fired.

I've fired my 21 outside, after the first shot my left ear is ringing. If I fire 2 mags, my left ear will ring for days. That is outside. If I fired it inside, the sound would be all most twice as loud.

It doesn't seem smart to have a firearm for home defense that will cause you to go deaf after firing it.

So, after all that ranting, am I missing something here or does this just simply not occur in most people's minds?

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