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Originally Posted by LongGun1 View Post
Yes, the Nano is compact...

..but I will pass on 148.2 db WET using 158 gr subsonics!

Unsuppressed is 159.3 db

Lots of wait time & expense for only 11.1 db of suppression!

Though my .40 Osprey is much larger.. features user disassembly, is also multi-caliber, OEM iron sight & bottom mount light/laser friendly, & other innovative features...

..but also has really respectable ear safe sound suppression when DRY numbers...!

.40 Osprey
161db unsuppressed with .40
127db w/40
Dry 34 db suppression with 180 gr .40
160 db unsuppressed with 9mm
124.9db w/9mm
Dry 35.1 db suppression with 147 gr 9mm

9mm Osprey
160db unsuppressed
124.9db w/9mm
Dry 35.1 db suppression with 147 gr 9mm

Fantastic numbers with 9mm out of a .40 suppressor...IMO!
And even better numbers can be achieved wet!

If going compact & wet in 9mm..

..the AWC Abraxis is & will continue to be my choice!
Wet, my Outback II is pretty bolt racking quiet. However, dry it is still softer than unsuppressed.

Personally, for the purposes of functionality (offensive/defensive), I would not be opposed to using wipes in order to avoid having to spray the can before using it.

But I have not researched suppressor technology in a few years and right now, I'm good with weaponry and focusing on other areas of S&P. Areas covered so far this year have been armor, blades, transportation, etc.

I think I've bought my last gun/weapon for a while. My dealer is probably thinking I'm dead...


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