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Originally Posted by quake View Post
Fwiw, a 'wet' suppressor can be stored charged & ready for use. I use standard white lithium grease, and just charge the suppressor when done using it. Then when I want to use it, I can just attach it and it's at its optimum state with no hassle or set-up required.

For range-session use, to avoid the hassle of detaching-charging-reattaching, I simply set a bucket of water on or by the shooting bench and just dunk the attached suppressor in there every time the slide locks back on an empty magazine. No detaching necessary, and just a lot less hassle when putting a large number of rounds thru it at one sitting.
I use CLP.

Never heard of white lithium grease. Can I use that and let it sit for months?

Never detach mine to "charge" it either. Never tried just plain old water.


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