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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
I use CLP.

Never heard of white lithium grease. Can I use that and let it sit for months?

Never detach mine to "charge" it either. Never tried just plain old water.


White lithium grease comes in a tube, like an oversized toothpaste tube; usually found in auto parts stores, Lowe's, etc.
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They do make an aerosol version that I tried once, but never again as its propellant was flammable. Made for an interesting sound & light show when I tried it. (I guess you could use the aerosol version for storage use, if you gave it enough time to air out the propellant gasses before using.)

You do have to use a charger to use lithium grease or similar. It's like a modified syringe that has a long nozzle, and the grease (or whatever coolant) is ejected out the sides of the nozzle rather than the end like a needle; which gets the grease out sideways, into the baffles.

Another very good coolant is wire-pulling lube, usually found at electrical supply houses, but can also be had at Lowe's. But it's more liquid-y than the lithium grease, and I don't trust it to stay in place (and out of the bullet's path) if left in there to set up a long while.

Never used break-free in the suppressors; I'll check into that.
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