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I have researched a great deal about suppressing the G26, but there isn't much out there (the thread you provided, for example, only contained two minor anecdotes about suppressing a G26). I am generally gathering that while this model is more sensitive to the increased muzzle weight, using more powerful loads will make for a reliable setup. But, I was just looking for more experience since there isn't a lot of posted info out there about the details of suppressing the G26.

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The regular 'defensive' loads you describe with 147grain pills are all subsonic by default.
Being subsonic has nothing to do with its relative power. Most suppressor-specific 147gr loads come out of full-sized guns at <900fps. A 147gr @ 1000fps from a 3.5" barrel would provide a ~50% greater recoil impulse, which should make a big impact for reliable functioning.
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