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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
You DO suck!!! me all interested now.

Well here come some more q's....

1. Are we talking slide racking, air gun, or unsuppressed .22lr in regard to noise level?

2. Can they all be taken apart for cleaning by the user?

3. Is there anyone online that is known to be the cheapest for them?


Unsurpressed .22 LR is approx 160 db...

9mm Osprey approx 125 db dry with 147 gr JHP

Outback II approx 121 dry

So... the Osprey is a little over twice as loud as your really quiet Outback II..

..but if the Osprey was wet...probably very close to same spl as the Outback II.

Both the Osprey & Ti-Rant SPL are impressive wet or dry...IMO

To answer your question...

Dry... similar to an air powered nailgun...IMO

Wet... similar to slide racking..

IIRC, The piston can be removed from the Osprey to assist with cleaning..

..but a centerfire can fed copper jacketed JHP & FMJ simply does not cake up with lead/lube residue..

..& need frequent cleaning like a rimfire can does.

If it ever does needs cleaning, just send it back to Silencerco!

Major Malfunction would be my 1st choice...if I were you!

And they specialize in Zombie Defense Systems!
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