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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
All smooth as far as I know.

They don't take standard 1911 grips. Its not actually a 1911, but its based off of one.
Darn, you beat me to it.

On the prototype model, the original barrel and barrel link design was that of the 1911. It was later redesigned to a linkless barrel system with the introduction of the Coonan B.

The 1911 and the Coonan have few things in common.

There are 18 parts that are direct replacements:
•Hammer & Pin
•Hammer Strut & Pin
•Sear, & Pin
•Sear Spring
•Disconnector & Pin
•Thumb Safety
•Plunger Tube, Pins (Front & Rear), and Spring
•Barrel Bushing
•Recoil Plug
•Grip Screws
•Grip Bushings

and there are 6 parts that require some modification:
•Firing Pin Stop
•Grip Safety
•Recoil Spring
•Recoil Spring Tube

Also, Coonan Arms does offer some really nice checkered grips.,6,6
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