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Originally Posted by JK-linux View Post
You can find a slide in Gunbroker or even in the classifieds section of this very forum for about $325. However, add in a few thousand dollars for explaining it in court if you use it. It might be viewed as somewhat weird or unusual to do that, and as such a good attorney in a criminal or civil case would be crazy not to waste a day or two of billing discussing it with everyone on your dime. If it's a good shoot - no worries. However, you are still out a few grand arguing that point in front of a judge or jury. Enjoy!
This is the dumbest post I have ever read on the internet.

And I've read alot of dumb posts on the internet.

I guess you're going to sit here and tell my my AR15 Short Barreled Rifle with a suppressor will land me in jail (or run up thousands in attorney fees) if I use that in a totally justified home defense situation, right?


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