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Originally Posted by Aquagear View Post
#1 is the area just be cautious of removing to much, I would suggest a light polish and then a test fire. It is not an expensive part but going to far will ruin it.


And yes, don't go too far.

Again; tho it is tempting, and possibly correct to assumed the EXTRACTOR is to blame, its bearing surface inside the slide COULD be partly or wholly involved. Mod to the extractor is of course preferable to possibly ruining the frame.

It's just that there is so much we don't know about actual Glock manufacturing processes that we must work to some degree in the dark.

I also like Dave's idea of an increased-strength extractor spring. I do not see much downside to this and do see how it could help.

I also see no worldly need for the complex part that the Glock extractor is. I just don't get it. The thing looks completely over-engineered to me. It totally lacks intuitive "simplicity" that the Glock basically exhibits.
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