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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I got out my G27, which ejects perfectly and my G30SF that is doing better. I took them both apart and placed a round of the proper caliber under the claw of each ejector and examined them both very closely with the stronger of my 2 pairs of reading glasses and a bright flashlight. Then I once again removed the extractor from the G30SF and did a bit more polishing and put it back together. I loaded 5 rounds in a magazine and went outside (Ilive in the country on 50 acres). I fired the 5 rounds and they all ejected into a very small area to my right rear. Yippee, they didn't go over my head like last time. Over my head without contacting me is an improvement. Going to the right rear instead, is even more of an improvement. The most honest advice I can give any of you is, examine a gun which ejects perfectly under bright light and with even a small amount of magnification if possible. Then do the same thing with the gun which is giving trouble. Very carefully notice any differences in the way the extractor contacts the case head and then do whatever is necessary to make the problem pistol contact the casehead in the same manner as the pistol which gives no problems. Once this achieved, I would expect your problems to be gone. This kind of practice should be done carefully with hand tools. Should you do this properly you will begin to have an appreciation for what a real gunsmith does and why his work isn't free.

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