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It is hard to paint a word picture that can properly explain what must be done. That is why after thinking about this a bit I decided to compare a gun which wasn't working perfectly with one which was. I wanted to see for myself what differences I could see. Once I had done this I proceeded with caution. I am more than pleased with the results. Any time you take on a project like this you must first ask yourself a couple of things (1) how handy am I with delicate hand tools? (2) how mechanically inclined am I? (3) Am I confident enough in my own ability to take general instructions, fit them to my situation and work out the details?
You must understand that any time you work on your own firearm, you assume all of the liability. In projects such as this no one can give you precise instructions that will work with every pistol. I'm afraid that the quality control variations with these pistols don't allow precise instructions. These parts aren't precisely made on CNC machines to super close tolerances. If that info makes you uncomfortable working on your own pistol. Then don't do it.
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