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Originally Posted by cciman View Post
Any change in the physics of the extraction will affect the trajectory of the expended case.

Certainly polishing or changing the contact areas of the extractor can be one answer. But it may just be a simple problem with the type of ammo you generally shoot with-- and not with higher potency SD ammo.

Other options: change to a different rate recoil spring, or change ejector (40 ejector will work for both 9mm and 40).

Wear a hat at the range, keep your shirt buttoned, and carry +p ammo.

Basically; No.

Use a different gun for example. Once upon a time I had a large collection of Finnish Mosin-Nagant rifles. The extractor on the M-N can depending on manufacture seat slightly too far forward for a tight grip of the case. I had one that was not functioning properly in this regard. However, if you just yank the bolt back ridiculously hard, the case will come out and be ejected. However, if you worked the bolt slowly or "normally" the case ...might...fall off the extractor.

What you are recommending in effect is that. Yank the bolt back super hard.

That is no solution.

A 9x19 should function properly with all normal ammo. I've demonstrated numerous time that 115/1100 IS normal ammo in the 9x19. So is 124/1075. That is historically the loads that were very common in 9x19 manufacture. To suggest that "shooting heavier ammo" is the fix for a 9x19 today should not be the path followed.

For one thing, the old Gen 3's did just fine thank you will all ammo from lighter loads to +P. They and the Gen 4's should now, too.
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