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Yondering, Great picture clearly showing what I have said all along, the metal has started to shear/tear and resizing and or pass thru sizing will not fix that situation to make them safe to re-use period!

You mention that was a 40S&W case, pressures are actuall suppose to be less than that of the 10mm...
I hope you don't mind if I share that visiual with others with questions!

I just finished running about 2000 range pick up 40S&W cases thru my pass-thru-die yesterday, none were smiled, but there were a few that were bulged down low, That area is not reached by normal sizing dies due to the shell holder and the bottom end of most sizing dies are radiused, leaving that area un sized to normal dimentions.
Placing casings in a cartridge case gauge will show exactly what I am speaking of, they will stop short of sliding inside freely because of the case expansion!

Thanks for posting the info!
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