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Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
I fail to understand what effect removing material from the extractor's inner shoulder does for better ejection.

I know it lets the hook move closer to the center but a cartridge in place holds the extractor away from the center even before material is removed.

It seems to me that the extractor shoulder has no effect at all with a cartridge in place.
An easy test of what ken is saying: If you have an LCI extractor and it is flush with the slide when the chamber is empty and it stands out as designed when the chamber is loaded, then that shoulder is not limiting rotation. If you have brass that is worn enough to defeat the LCI, you need new brass. Has anyone had success taking material off the shoulder WITHOUT also polishing the top and bottom of the extractor and/or working on the claw?

Edit: Just realized AK said almost exactly the same thing -- but faster.

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