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i had the probs with a G17 gen.3 with an extractor that moved free and fell out on its own while disassembling. everyone (even in this board) called me a limp wrister and stated i should use more powerful ammo. what really did it for my G17 was getting a .40 ejector installed and a NON LCI extractor. that did the job.

nice to here, that i wasn't the only one called a "limp wrister"

but i'm still very interested in this topic and admire all the brainwork here, perfect guys, that's what i call real enthusiasm, really great work here.

i still have a question:
what exactly do you mean with a dipped and a non-dipped extractor, where should the "dip" be, that differs one from the other and which is older and which newer, and which will work better out of the box?
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