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Classified description posting problems

No change as of last night..

Posted new classified last night - same issue

I added description in the quick reply..

Appears to be an ongoing issue!

Same issue on two computers? WIN7 & VISTA

Typing with a new ad, no change

I started having this issue on Feb 9,2012 no change as of this message.. or contact informing users of new issues.


2-18-2012 posting

Unable to add/modify description?

Issue unable to add/modify description. I have been playing with it thismonth and not sure what's wrong.

Today I was able to get a few words in the area, don't know how, but thennot able to modify it.

Running Window 7, 3G, slow connection; unable to paste, unable to type in toarea?

It is a word document so it should be easy!

I left the add posted - I am ready to delete it. Been playing with it thelast 20 mins and giving up..

Any Ideas?

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