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My Gen 3 27 doesn't give problems either. That's why I studied it to help figure what to do to the G30SF. I really don't think any of the 26s or 27s seem to have this problem. There is evidently some very minor difference in the geometry that we aren't seeing. This problem seems to exist in the mid & full size pistols. There must be some minor difference in the way the slot is cut in the slide for the exxtractor as well as some variations from gun to gun in this respect. This would indicate that if these slides are cut on CNC someone isn't checking for tool wear as often as they should. Then again it may be a combination of that and poor quality of the molded parts. More gun manufacturers seem to be going to these MIM parts and they tell us they are good On the other hand Kimber's quality has been going downhill with these parts as well. Do you suppose we may be recognizing a trend.
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