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I wonder what the slide speed of the little guns is.

SOME lg frame pistols exhibit LESS problems with higher recoiling ammunition of whatever bullet weight. This is at the core of Radian and others' continuous admonition not to use "weak" {sic} ammunition, I think.

thus, even a poorly made extractor MIGHT work fine in a smaller frame pistol. Just a theory.

As to why the larger frame pistols seem to be problematic even with extractors that work in the smaller ones, well, the above explains it; the "bad" extractor needs to be worked on regardless of the fact that it might work well in a dinky-frame pistol. Again, I'm not being dogmatic, just making a suggestion.

Extraction from a semi and full auto gun is a wondrous thing. It is a FAR more complicated process than many assume.

For a time I owned two Stemple 76/45 submachine guns. From time to time one demanded attention to the extractor and then started breaking extractors. a cheap part, I kept fixing it and studying the process of extraction and came to realize this is a "process". and in a liquid-framed pistol {as the Glock appears to be under highspeed photograhpy during the firing cycle} it must be complex indeed!

And then there are those guns that just plain make extraction a non-issue like many Browning A5's. They just WORK.

I remember my father-in-law's old Belgian that fired thousands of rounds of shot on ducks and geese and...did so with one of its extractors missing. i eventually got around to a detail strip and added the extractor where it needed to be...or didn't need to be as the case was.

Yes, gun mechanisms are fascinating.

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