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GREAT information in this thread!!

I've been reading on other forums about guys ready to throw their Glocks into the trash (well, not literally!) regarding the extraction/ejection issues.
(One guy even repeats over and over again about the 'cover-up' and lack of recall for "E Series" Glocks, etc., etc., etc.)

If anyone is old enough to remember the 'good ole days' of 1911s, the 'pros' would TUNE their extractors or TWEAK their extractors (and ejectors, too!) to make the pistol perform better.

They used to take a new 'virgin' case and insert it into the breech and see how well the extractor held the case to the breechface.
IF the extractor needed 'tuning' or 'tweaking', it was done.
(Yes, they 'torqued' the extractor to give more tension, and honed the underside of the extractor 'lip' to allow the rim to 'slide' past it. Heck! I remember polishing the inside of the extractor, where the rim made contact.)

I'm no 'pro', and I've tweaked and tuned a few 1911 extractors in my time.

Dave Nowlin and 3/4Flap have done their homework!!!

FWIW, all of my Glocks have performed perfectly (sofar!).
I don't usually pay attention to where my empty/ejected cases are going, since I'm payin' attention to my target/sights, but, I've never had a piece of brass come back at me.
(Luck???? Maybe.)

A little polishing and 'tweaking' is not a bad thing to do, IF you understand what you're doing (and why).
These Glock pistols are mass-produced. They're not custom-built, one-off marvels from Gaston Glock's High Performance gunsmiths.

Again, Dave Nowlin and 3/4Flap . . .
Well done!!!!!
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