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Originally Posted by byf43 View Post
If anyone is old enough to remember the 'good ole days' of 1911s, the 'pros' would TUNE their extractors or TWEAK their extractors (and ejectors, too!) to make the pistol perform better.
Thank you very much.

I like your injection of the 1911. On several other threads I've mentioned the 1911 as an example of a gun that has been modified in myriad ways JUST TO KEEP IT RUNNING!!!

I was a 1911 fan for many years, and used one for stock shooting for years, but good heavens, while the gun is certainly one of the GREATS, it has warts all over it...bred into it.

A can-be short lifeexpectancy of sear notches, loosening of plunger spring assemblies, and YES, EXTRACTOR issues as well.

As I've mentioned before; Guys; look at the opening of the ejection port that occured on almost all 1911's some 30 or so years ago. THAT is a fix one guy on the SIGForum used to fix Glock ejection problems...and it worked!

These darn things are devices and as such they get tied up sometimes, and sometimes companies do stuff that totally mucks up their own product; witness the ups and downs and finally down and outs of the Winchester firm; the post-64 M70 abortion, the switch back to the pre-64 action, then the slide down in QC of all their guns; cheapening processes, eliminating fitting so you could look clean thru the wrist of the 94's and see daylight on the other side!

And rugers, my FAVORITE bolt action rifles inthe M77MKII/Hawkeye series. I rebed, fix the trigger and bevel the ejector edges and slot edges on every single one I buy...or they don't work right!

Guys, SIG's are done. Smith M&P's have warts. Walther PPQ's are perfect, the rage, but just wait a while!

So now we have Herr Gaston Glock rolling over, rubbing his eyes, popping a squat and dropping a deuce in his own bed.

Hey, it happens!

You want a good, functioning gun?

Fix it yourself or sit around and wait for the company to do it...

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