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Originally Posted by dusty_dragon View Post
i still have a question:
what exactly do you mean with a dipped and a non-dipped extractor, where should the "dip" be, that differs one from the other and which is older and which newer, and which will work better out of the box?
Best I can do is this one with the dip across the top edge. The old ones had a totally flat top edge. There have been posts saying that brand new guns were again shipping with non-dipped extractors (insinuating that Glock had returned to the old design/process. That is not correct -- at least not all. My new Gen4 G19 with a test-fire date of 1/30/12 still has the dip. However, the tightness exhibited by a previous dipped extractor was absent, I experienced no issues in first 100 rds. As I typed this, it just occurred to me that I need to try the old "tight" dipped extractor in the Gen4 and find out whether the extractor caused the tightness, or whether the slot caused it.
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This one from Butch has a circle around the area that is dished out, but you have to have the extractor out of the gun to see/feel that surface:
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