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Originally Posted by diamondd2 View Post
Probably because the slides are actually out of spec.
I've stated this very thing before.

The slide could be out of spec in any of the machined areas OR...depending on the hardness of the extractor and slide , could be brought out of spec by longterm use of an out-of-spec extractor.

For example, Dave noted that "Armorers" should observe the pad on the inside of the extractor as an adjustable seat that can be reduced to correct malfunctions. Indeed, if the SLIDE itself is o-o-s in the first place, the pad might have to be reduced immediately.

Then there is the inside of the extractor slot. Are the slides o-o-s? I don't know.

I agree that monkeying with the slide is a bad job, and should be avoided. Better to fiddle with a cheap part like the extractor.

As you stated, IF the slides are cattywampus, well, Herr Glock has viele Probleme and for sure doesn't want to replace them.

I'm still guessing it is Glock's learning curve on MIM or a poor job by a MIM subcontractor who is no doubt being educated as to the error of his ways by Glock right now, but who knows.

Monkey away, guys, and see if it works.

If it doesn't, well, just buy another piece of crap extractor from der Führer and put up with mediocrity.

By the way, when I started on mine, I had a couple/three shiney high spots like the noponer spots pictured above. Not No Mo.
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