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Awsome problem solving

Well Kudos to all,and thank you to Dave , 3/4 Flap & Terry C for those fine pictures, it just go's to show we all belong to a good site. I wanted to point out a couple things to be aware of. 1. the point here is that although this can be a problem and cure for it. It is not cast in stone and you may be having a similar problem but rather in more than just this one area, you need to review all of your contact points and look specifically at the wear marks Terry C."s pictures show a good reference to dressing a suspected area in need of attention I go a little further with polishing the sharp edges left after this dressing as I have had experience where this can cause an increase in friction on the part I am trying to relieve this from, also your particular part may show signs of adjustment needed in more than just one area. each case or part is individual and requires a close inspection. What has worked for me might not work for you especially if there is a definite malfunction in that given area. Be aware that any modifications exhibit a different movement and will react to possibly changing wear areas on other items, they may show up immediately or at any time thereafter, just reinspect if you develop problems in a different area and use those problem solving skills from past experience. 2. unless you are quite experienced and knowledgeable do not alter the hook on the extractor it is very exacting and minute changes make drastic changes in its ability to function just like a trigger sear.The same is true with altering the extractor hook angle which will happen when you change its stopping point, as in increasing final drop in relationship to the breach block face.Greater drop dose not mean greater grip, for more gun smithing info go to the Armory section forums at GT under Gun smithing
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