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Originally Posted by Erno View Post
Click on the house bill links in the original post, the first two are on the calendar and the third is currently postponed.

Call or write your representatives!

Illinois: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Turning Up the Heat in Anti-Gun

Crusade in Springfield
Protect Your Rights! Call Your Legislators and Tell Them to Resist Emanuel’s Anti-

Second Amendment Bullying!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is reportedly turning up the heat on his anti-gun crusade. Described by some in the media as a bully when it comes to promoting certain aspects of his political agenda, it would not be a stretch to presume that he would resort to bullying Illinois lawmakers into passing several bills that should be considered anathema to our nation’s long history of promoting freedom for its citizens. Emanuel’s anti-gun efforts are currently focused on two bills.

House Bill 5167, introduced by state Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-14), seeks to impose a two percent tax on firearm ammunition purchases. (I've already written Rep Cassidy with no response)

House Bill 5831, sponsored by state Representative William Davis (D-30), would implement a statewide handgun registry scheme. These bills can best be described as attempts to use punitive taxes and unwarranted bureaucratic fees to discourage the law-abiding
residents of Illinois from exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment. HB 5167 would not only impose the two percent ammo tax, but would also establish that the funds be used by the Illinois Department of Public Health to fund a newly-created High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund. The tax revenue would allegedly be used to defray the financial cost violent criminals inflict on society when their illegal acts result in someone needing emergency treatment at a trauma center in “high crime areas.” In other words, if the criminal actions of gang-bangers, drug dealers, rapists, and thugs lands someone in a trauma center, Emanuel is basically telling law-abiding gun owners, “It’s your fault, now pay up!” When someone who owns firearms for personal protection, hunting, competitive shooting, plinking, or any lawful activity buys ammunition, Emanuel wants to impose a “sin tax” on that person to address the violent crime he is incapable of, or unwilling to, address with real crime-fighting measures. HB 5831 would impose a $65 registration fee for each handgun lawfully acquired in Illinois, as well as require a renewal fee for registration of $25 every five years. Failure to comply with the law could result in a felony conviction. If you forget to renew your registration, you could go to jail. If you move and forget to notify the authorities within 72 hours, you could go to jail. If you take your handgun to the range, remember your FOID Card, but forget your registration certificate, you could go to jail. As a final insult, the legislation seeks to impose what should be called a “Crime Victim Victimization Law,” which would impose penalties on an otherwise law-abiding gun owner if he or she fails to report the theft or loss of a firearm in an arbitrarily-determined amount of time. So, if someone breaks into
your home, steals your property, and you do not report it in a way that satisfies Emanuel, you could face criminal penalties. With Emanuel ratcheting up his attack on law-abiding gun owners and the Second Amendment, it is imperative that you contact your state Representative today and urge him or her to oppose House Bills 5167 and 5831.

In addition, please continue to voice your objections to House Bills 1294, 1599 and 1855, which the NRA previously reported on here. These anti-gun bills could be considered at any
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