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I agree skip the Taurus. I have taught hundreds of people the class needed to apply for a Carry Concealed License in Kansas. Of all the different guns they've shot, only five have failed to the point they had to change guns for the 25 round qualification course. All five of the failed guns were Tauri. I call them guns for people who don't really need a gun. I personally had a 5-shot Taurus revolver. It quit after 3 months. I shot it about once a week. Locked up and wouldn't function. I sent it to Taurus with a note saying it I was LEO and it was my backup. Didn't hear a word for 5 months despite my three letters and several phone calls. Gun showed up on my doorstep after 5 months of silence with no note, no explanation of the problem fixed. I sold it the next day for half of the cheapo price I paid for it. you'd be better off getting a basic Springfield or Rock Island than a Taurus.

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