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Well, this afternoon I installed the new SS Guiderod & 15 lb spring in the G19..

..removed the shok buff..

..and still could not get the PRIVI 147 gr to cycle!

Survival/Preparedness Forum

Lubed the weapon thoroughly, shot it stiff armed, with & without the AWC Abraxas..

..still would not cycle the slide!

The G19 cycled fine with the hotter lightweight ammo...such as the 115 & 124 gr...Corbon +P & similar.

But for maximum quiet...cycling the slide manually....the PRIVI could be very useful.

While at the private a chance to see a new binary explosive target compound in action..

..very impressive!

Also got a chance to play with a bud's new toys...

..his new Trijicon ACOG/RMR combo...

Survival/Preparedness Forum

..and his new Thermal Monocular....a FLIR Recon M-24

..rugged, compact, submersible, & can be used in weapons targeting applications with IR Lasers.

Survival/Preparedness Forum

Survival/Preparedness Forum

This may be the year I take the plunge & finally get a thermal monocular!
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