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If you haven't already done so, please contact your representatives and tell them to vote NO!

Consideration of ExtremeAnti-Second Amendment Legislation by the Illinois House This Week

Call Your state Representative TODAY and Demand Protection of Your Rights From RadicalPoliticians!

In additionto Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handgun licensing and ammunition taxschemes mentioned here, several other anti-gun bills are expected to seeaction this week in Springfield:

HouseBill 4149 and House Bill 4456, both introduced by state Representative Kelly Cassidy(D-14), would require private transfers of handguns to go through a FederalFirearms License (FFL) holder, and allow for fees (gun taxes) forsuch transfers.

HouseBill 3809, also introduced by RepresentativeCassidy, would create a new felony offense for anyone who transfers afirearm to someone the transferor "knows is a street gangmember." While this may appear to be a good idea on its face,as is normally the case with anti-gun extremists like Cassidy,the "devil is in the details." This legislationdefines "street gang" very broadly and vaguely. Theoretically,an organization such as a sportsmen's club, trade association, union, or anyother group of individuals that identify themselves collectively because of aparticular shared interest, religious affiliation, or even ethnic background,could be labeled a "street gang" under this bill if enacted intolaw. All it would take, for example, is for the organization to have beenofficially involved in "any criminal activity" that is intended toincrease the organization's size or otherwise benefit the group. Violentacts, drug-related acts, serious felony offenses, or anything elseone would commonly associate with a "street gang”would not need to be among the activities carried out by these organizations inorder to deem them a “street gang” under this legislation. Furthermore, if a group is identified under existing law as a "streetgang," it is not clear if the person transferring the firearm need beaware of this fact in order to be charged under this proposal. It wouldappear that, as long as the person transferring the firearm knows theindividual to whom he or she is making the transfer is a member of theorganization, it does not matter if he or she knows the group is identified asa "street gang." Therefore, even if you follow existing lawsregarding transferring firearms in Illinois perfectly, you could still becharged under this anti-gun scheme.

Finally, House Bill 4457, again sponsored by Representative Cassidy, appears totarget only felons and those "in the Custody of the Department ofCorrections Facilities" with increased penalties for illegally carrying afirearm. The NRA does not oppose this particular provision. However, this bill also targets any individual who is carrying a firearm forpersonal protection if that person does not have a valid FOID card. Evensomeone with no criminal history and who is doing nothing more dangerous thancarrying a firearm for personal protection, could face three to six years inprison for a first-time offense. The current penalty is one to threeyears. In a state like Illinois, which is the ONLY state in thenation that has NO provision for law-abiding citizens to lawfully carry afirearm for personal protection, these increased penalties are clearlyintended as yet another means the state may use to punish those who understandthe true meaning of the Second Amendment and wish to provide for their personalprotection against the acts of violent criminals.

Please be sure to contact your stateRepresentative IMMEDIATELY and urge him or her to OPPOSE House Bills 4149,4456, 3809, 4457, as well as the previously reported on House Bills 1294, 5167, and 5831.

Contact information foryour state Representative can be found by clicking here.
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