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Originally Posted by voyager4520 View Post
Knowing what I know now, I suspect the problem was that the extractor wasn't moving freely enough or for whatever other reason wasn't holding the rim of the casing to the breech face, which allowed the casing to drop lower, and the rim of the casing was impacting the case mouth of the top round in the magazine. Then the extractor came off of the rim, leading to a failure to extract. The problem may have occurred less with "self defense" loads because many of those loads have a bevelled case mouth.

That's just a guess though, I'd have to look at the spent casings from that gun to see if that was indeed the problem. The spent casings from my G27 showed that the extractor wasn't firmly holding the rim of the casing to the breech face, so the casing was dropping lower in the gun. A new extractor and the new 28926 ejector fixed the problem in that gun.
That is kind of interesting. My gen 3 glock 19 was doing the same thing...we'll see if my new 36 does as well...

Thanks for the post!
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