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Originally Posted by yukon2004 View Post
I like that kydex... how comfortable/uncomfortable is it compared to leather?

Also - any suggestions on nylon holsters?
Very comfortable. I have one for my 642, with a longer belt-loop attachment so it rides low. And my wife has one for her 637, with a shorter belt-loop attachment so it rides high. The owner, Greg I think his name is, will give you exactly what you want.

Personally, I don't like leather for IWB. For OWB leather is ok, especially for good looks. But kydex has the following advantages for IWB:
-- doesn't absorb and retain sweat.
-- doesn't stain your clothes.
-- doesn't make your gun rust.
-- holds its shape under your belt so is easy to re-holster the gun.
-- doesn't require any straps to fumble with, because retention is acheived by form fitting shape that hugs your cylinder or trigger guard (no levers needed, just a good design and fit).

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