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I carry the 21sf daily and have Supertuck, Raven, and Vm2. I just got the Remora and so far its the best for me. I have found the most comfortable way to carry is no holster at all so I did the carry clip thing for a while which is nice but the gun really pokes at you. The Remora maintains the cant I choose and it pads the gun so I cant feel it as much.

I really love the simple design and after wearing it a bit more will make the choice of buying more of them for other guns. I am not sure what it is about no holster carry but it really feels a lot better. For some reason the gun tends to not feel as heavy and especially with the Remora. The leather guys would put rough side out for some grip of the holster against your body and that is nice but now we have synthetic materials and the Remora uses some nice stuff. I would imagine all the weight is now secured by some amount through friction instead of hanging on my belt by loops or clips.
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