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when i had the problems with my gen.3 G17 years ago, there was no 4th gen. and so no new ejector available, the 336 was the newest one, so there was no help from another different 9mm ejector.

i fixed the prob by using the ejector of the .40S&W that was current at that point of time and also by using the older non-LCI extractor.

the use of the .40S&W ejector was a great improvement, it hits the brass more to the right and gives it a different twist/angle while extracted/ejected, but this alone didn't solve the prob 100%, but in combination with the older non-LCI extractor, my brass-to-the-head-problem was solved 100%.

i also own a gen.3 G19 with the LCI extractor and the 336 ejector and with that G19 i never had any brass-to-head-issues. weird and funny.

does anyone know if i'd use a gen.4 "." dot connector in a gen. 3 G19 with gen. 3 trigger bar (like it is supposed to be), will it have a lighter or a heavier trigger pull, compared to a "-" minus connector in a gen. 3 G19 with gen. 3 trigger bar?
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