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Originally Posted by dusty_dragon View Post
....... i also own a gen.3 G19 with the LCI extractor and the 336 ejector and with that G19 i never had any brass-to-head-issues. weird and funny.

does anyone know if i'd use a gen.4 "." dot connector in a gen. 3 G19 with gen. 3 trigger bar (like it is supposed to be), will it have a lighter or a heavier trigger pull, compared to a "-" minus connector in a gen. 3 G19 with gen. 3 trigger bar?
Me, too! From what I've been reading about 3rd gen. pistols there is a slight reduction in trigger pull weight with the, '.' connector over the factory standard, '-' connector.

(Don't own one; so I can't say from personal experience. The, '-' connectors I'm using, now, are certainly good enough that I feel no need to run right out and try something different, though.)
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