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Thanks everybody!

And I see NJ is well represented here. This state sure is unique. Plenty of outdoorsy stuff, fishing, camping, hunting, the whole Seashore thing, great food and entertainment in the cities, man I could go on and on. We get a bad rap from others, but I wouldn't trade anything for my lifelong experience here.

I am in NW part of state and love the rural life. Except for our silly gun laws, I like it here.

Outdoor opportunities abound, but good food places, not so much. That's when a little road trip becomes necessary for some awesome pizza or Italian bread. But other then that, no complaints from me.

As far a handguns go, I am really looking forward to getting me a Glock. I just feel that for a fighting type handgun, a Glock is pretty much the top tier. And that's coming from a guy with a couple of nice 1911s.

OK, sorry for being so long winded.
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