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Originally Posted by Bolster View Post
B o t a c h Tactical selling the Brunton Solarflat 5-watt 24-volt Amorphous Solar Panel, model no. 81-300738, for $75. Coupon code "DNEWS" brings it to $26.25. With free shipping.


For some reason the forum censored the URL like it's a dirty word? The censored portion is "b o t a c h", is that a naughty word? If so I have no idea what it means.
I've not had trouble with them but I know LOTS of others have which is probably why b o t a c h is a bad word on GT.

All that aside...what kind of quality are we talking about here? Also will this let me charge a deep cycle battery...I almost said overnight..almost...

...but how efficient it is by itself or do you need any other equipment?


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