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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
so are you looking for spin on the second amendment or the truth? One need not be a constitutional scholar to know there is no other interpretation of “shall not be infringed”. Until another amendment overriding the 2nd. Is added by a 2/3 majority vote of congress any law contrary to that is unconstitutional no matter who says it isn’t.

Now tell me what he and the rest of the forefathers meant when they wrote “shall not be infringed”.

Several of the founding fathers would not sign the constitution until the original 10 amendments (the bill of rights) were added because they believed the constitution did not go far enough to protect the rights of the people. Anyone that honestly believes they left the amendments open to interpretation is a fool. Anyone who doesn’t believe and still wants to enforce some sort of interpretation has an ulterior motive. More often than not that motive is power over others.
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