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Originally Posted by .50 cal View Post
what kind of color tint do they have?
Technically, high CRI means more full-spectrum output regardless the tint. In theory you could have a high CRI light that was really blue or red...a campfire, for example, is a very red high CRI. In reality, most hi CRI lights have an incandescent look to them (a little to the warm side, usually described as yellow, brown/yellow, peach, etc), as do the Quarks. If you check out CPF, you'll see plenty of comparative photos of the tint of the Quark Hi CRIs. Overwhelmingly, people like the tint; most people consider it a pretty good substitute for an incandescent light. Even better is when you shine the beam on objects at night, the objects look normal, not "flat" like you get with your typical inexpensive blue- or green-tint LED. Foliage looks like foliage, not like plastic plants. Red items look red, not washed-out pinkish-grey, etc.

Most folks at CPF...once they try high CRI or a good neutrlal/warm tint, they never go back. I've sold off all my "normal" LEDs and now only own either high CRIs or good neutral/warm tints.
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