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Originally Posted by nursetim View Post
Let's say RP wins the whole shooting match and becomes POTUS. Do you really think he has the political capital to implement what needs to be implemented to save our country? I do not think so, sorry but there it is, the hard reality. Neither house would support him in his efforts.

The only way to save our country is to vote out all incubants and replace them with fresh untainted representatives. Good luck with that. People always say " heck yeah! Vote them all out, except ours, cause he/she/it, pretty good and serves us well."

I want RP to be President precisely because I don't want anything from a President; I don't expect anything from the government. I agree with the goals of RP, but will be more than happy to have a President who takes his oath to the Constitution seriously and will thusly veto the vast majority of legislation on his desk. I think what this country (and the businesses within it) needs is less government and less legislation. RP equals just that.

If you want something from .gov or if you want the .gov to accomplish something, then RP is not your man.
"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."
-- Thomas Jefferson

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