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Originally Posted by BailRecoveryAgent View Post
Is there something you don't like about the P239 for an edc gun, or are you just wanting to try something new?

I looked at many new and used SIGs before I bought my SP2022 in 9mm, including a P239 that was used but like new, but the final decision came down to the SP2022 having almost twice the capacity, and was significantly cheaper.
No, I just get gun-itis from time to time.

The FTU guys would always hate to see me coming, because I was always wanting to see what new gun they had I could check out or trade up/over for.

I got issued a Glock 17. I carried it for a while, but also carried my personal P226.

I then traded the G17 for G19, which I carried in a ankle holster as a backup.

I then bought a Beretta 92F, I carried for a while until it was taken off the approved list a year later.

Then I traded the issued G19 for an issued P228.

Then I bought a P239 9mm (two of them actually) and started carrying the 239 as an ankle gun.

Then I bought a P220 to carry, and I traded my issue P228 for a an issued P226.

Then we went to .40s and I had to turn the P226 in for a G22.

Then I turned the G22 in for a P229 (which I was carrying with the P239 as backup when I retired.

Now, I am at a new state agency, and I carry the P239 and a G17.

I won't even go into how many ARs, shotguns, and SMGs I carried and traded for as new ones came out (but range day used to be a daylight to dark exercise for me having to qualify on so much stuff ).

But, back to the Sig 2022. We had a few SigPros available in Miami and I only knew one guy that picked it over a P229 or G22 when the .40s came out. It was too new at the time for me to pick it. But, now, I just got the itch.
I sure miss the country I grew up in.

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