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i installed the glock .40 extractor into my gen4 g19 9mm about a half hour ago. i loaded 10 speer lawman cartridges to see how it would eject. first cartridge got stuck on the extractor, oops not a good sign! so i took an arkansas stone to the claw and filed the top part of it thinking it would help slide onto the cartridge case. it worked. i loaded about 4 magazines worth of speer lawman and snap caps, and they all ejected to the 4 o'clock consistently, almost within a 1" landing zone.

i'm planning to take it to the range saturday morning and i'll report back how it goes, but so far it looks like the .40 extractor is a viable fix for the g19.

edit: it was actually the top part of the claw that was too tight. i initially thought it was the lower part of the claw that i filed down, but it was the top part of it.

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