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Originally Posted by Wilkes1811 View Post
When you say a job with the sheriff's department, I take it you're speaking as a sworn Deputy Sheriff. Regardless, LEO's are not exempt (local, state, or federal) from the Maryland waiting period, unless you purchase the gun on department letterhead (i.e. signed by the sheriff).

As for the one **handgun** a month...yes it is the law. You can buy as many regular long rifles as you like. The law applies to regulated weapons. However you can sign up as a designated collector with the state (FREE) and then you are then exempt from the one handgun a month law.

AR's, AK's and such are all good to go. No assault pistols allowed, but class 3, SBR, and such are fine. Only mags up to 20 rounds can be sold or shipped to the state. However you can legally buy larger capacity mags (i.e. 30 round AR mags) OUTSIDE of Maryland (VA, WV, PA, etc.) and legally bring them back with you.
Quick question for you. I live in Michigan yet own a residence in Baltimore. I called the state police regarding bringing my weapons home with me. I was told that 30 round mags are illegal in Md., even if they were bought outside of the state. Are you sure about mags bought out of state and where can I confirm the information? I have about (10) 30 round mags for my M4. Thanks
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