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Originally Posted by ak103k View Post
I disagree. When there is a case under the extractor, that shoulder contacts nothing, so there is nothing to retard its inward travel. As MNBud stated, it only comes in contact with the slide when there is no case present.

You can remove the whole shoulder, and it wont have any more inward travel than a factory extractor if a case is present. The more you remove, the more likely youre going to have a feeding issue due to the extractor being improperly positioned in the slide, which is what I believe MNBud was getting at.
Exactly. Well-stated.

Removing material from that shoulder will not tighten the grip on the case at all & may cause problems with the next round feeding up from the mag... not to mention someone trying to drop the slide on a round in the chamber (never a good idea, of course).
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